Brothers and Sisters

While in halfway, the idea stuck me to start calling my other house mates brother, then followed by there name. Started in good nature and more playful than anything else, it grew into much more. I can only speak for myself in this matter but I belive others would agree. What started as mere fun […]


In life we all face choices, and some of these seem quite difficult. I know for myself one such choice has been layed before me. I have prayed and meditated in search of the answer. In my minds eye I envisioned a flash of lightening as the heavens rolled back and God presented me with […]


Truth is like a knife, that which cuts away at the curtain of illusion. Once cut, this curtain may be pulled away and it is then the world opens up to us. The sky shows us his grace, the earth shows us her love, people show us their true selves, and situations are seen as […]

Fear of the Unknown

So, I am at a turning point in my life, the ending of one chapter and the begining of another. There hasn’t been much excitement as I would have hoped, I feel more fear than anything. The situation is not as I would have it but if I pause, breath and reevaluate, I’m sure it […]

​Lightnening  ignites the night sky, illuminating darkness throughout the mind. A light shined on the inside brightens the world an eye finds. But still the mind is where turmoil resides, corrupted thoughts planted in disguise like clouds diminishing the light to find but it only takes one spark to light the sky. One thought to […]

I am who I am

I was born on February 18th, 1989. That makes me think of a book I once read called “Born On A Blue Day”, but I’ll get to that in a minute. First, the birth of a child, joyous, celebratory, unconditional love. These are the first words that came to mind at the thought of a […]

A Morning Prayer

Please, O Lord my God, Hear my prayers, It is my own selfish desire that seperates me from You, My greatest sin is thinking that I have I have done anything for myself, That I have strived for my own glory. O Lord, my God, it is You above all else, It is You whom […]


I ceased fighting, I no longer swing blindly at an enemy I could not see. I could not see because he, was me. I surrendered to the program and began to grow. But as I grew my mind felt healthy, I thought my thoughts were strong. I was wrong, I picked the gloves back up […]

A Glorious Morning

On this morning, eyes open widebare witness to light chasing night awaysun rays gently kiss the skyilluminating every molecule they findturning the edge of clouds to golden firethis day is forged by the hand of GodI close eyes tight, walk by faith for sight is blindin my Fathers embrace I am not afraidthis heart knows […]