In life we all face choices, and some of these seem quite difficult. I know for myself one such choice has been layed before me. I have prayed and meditated in search of the answer. In my minds eye I envisioned a flash of lightening as the heavens rolled back and God presented me with […]

A Morning Prayer

Please, O Lord my God, Hear my prayers, It is my own selfish desire that seperates me from You, My greatest sin is thinking that I have I have done anything for myself, That I have strived for my own glory. O Lord, my God, it is You above all else, It is You whom […]


I ceased fighting, I no longer swing blindly at an enemy I could not see. I could not see because he, was me. I surrendered to the program and began to grow. But as I grew my mind felt healthy, I thought my thoughts were strong. I was wrong, I picked the gloves back up […]

A Glorious Morning

On this morning, eyes open widebare witness to light chasing night awaysun rays gently kiss the skyilluminating every molecule they findturning the edge of clouds to golden firethis day is forged by the hand of GodI close eyes tight, walk by faith for sight is blindin my Fathers embrace I am not afraidthis heart knows […]

Miracle by the Moment

I was blessed today with the opportunity to listen, to listen to someone who needed to share their story. They needed support, someone to share their burden if nothing more. I pray I provided some comfort to their heavy heart. Beyond this blessing, I was even fortunate enough to witness God reveal himself to this […]