In life we all face choices, and some of these seem quite difficult. I know for myself one such choice has been layed before me. I have prayed and meditated in search of the answer. In my minds eye I envisioned a flash of lightening as the heavens rolled back and God presented me with the answer I saught.

This was an unfair expectation, and in hindsight I believe I was tempting the Lord. I narrowed my mind and closed it off from the truth. The truth I later found out was that for me, I feel as if God guides through life and there are some things no matter how hard I run I cannot escape. Then there are some decisions that this same God graciously leaves some of these decisions up to me. And I believe a decision of this type is one I am presented with.

As I searched for the right answer I became anxious and worrisome. It felt as if the more I searched the more lost I became. Then, not like a flash of lightening but more like a train coming in the distance. A noise quiet at first that then becomes louder and louder, my answer arrived, right on time, because God is neither late nor early. I live in His world and am on His time.

Now the answer I believe I was presented with was twofold… First, that this choice is mine, there is no right or wrong answer. What is a man to do with such an answer… For me, follow my heart, follow my own truth, regaurdless of what others think. Though I saught many opionions and many suggestions, and listened to many people before deciding. Now, for the magic, part two…

I will be taken care of and be just fine, in fact I will be more than fine, provided I do a few things. And those things are as such: that first and foremost, I take God with me wherever I go and seek to do His will, not my own; second, that I seek out fellowship and surround myself with people on the same path as me, people with the same goal; and lastly, to be of maximum service, not thinking of myself except in what I can do for others. I know if I do these three things, no matter where in all existence I go, I will be well provided for.


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