A Vision

I have a vision in my head, a vision I had forgotten about. A vision I have buried under fear and disbelief but something has awoken hope in me once again. A hope I have not felt, a hope I can not recall. This vision is a picture in my minds eye, a dream of sorts. It shows a world, nothing like the one we know, nothing like the one we live in, or least the one I know. I see a world founded in austerity, a world where the community is held aove the self. A world where one selflessly gives to a neighbor. I see a world crowned in love and clothed in giving.

Is this just a dream, I would have once said so, but today I see it as a goal. I set it as a destination for myself. I can not control what others do but I CAN do my part and make that my world. I can create that world for myself, and invite others, but first I must show them this world exists.

=> Sean McAllister

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