Miracle by the Moment

I was blessed today with the opportunity to listen, to listen to someone who needed to share their story. They needed support, someone to share their burden if nothing more. I pray I provided some comfort to their heavy heart. Beyond this blessing, I was even fortunate enough to witness God reveal himself to this person.

So a friend and I were walking to the store and while doing so they expressed how they needed to talk. So said person begins to open up to me, telling me about their childhood and upbringing, about how their father and then mother both became addicted to meth. They shared the horrors of what should have been innocent years. They shared about their parents finally going to jail and some sense of ‘normalcy’ filling their life. How they were released from prison and the vision of a family reunited grew in their mind and they shared how their father once again became a slave to his addiction.

My friend told me about their older brother, about the depression he faced from a lifetime of trauma. About a phone call in the middle of the night, about how he decided to turn his life over to drugs for some relief from the pain and how one bag ended his short life at the age of 20.

I watched their eyes glisten with tears as they told me this as they pointed at the ground. I thought the tears were simply from reliving their pain but as looked toward where they were pointing it began to make sense. There on the sidewalk was a name spray painted and all I heard was “That’s my brothers name.” I looked at my friend and said “That’s God” pointing to the sky.

We proceeded into the store, looking for their favorite energy drink as the clerk asked if we had tried a new kind. We both said no so pointed us in the direction of another employee whom could show us where they were. The name that came out of the mans mouth echoed through my mind as my friend began to cry. This mans name matched the one on the sidewalk. I looked at my friend and smiled, saying once again “That’s God.” => Sean McAllister

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