Positive Affirmations

Good morning to all and to all, a blessed day. I had the inspiration to start this beautiful Sunday morning with some positive affirmations that came to mind while waking up to a Florida sunrise.

A quick thought on positive affirmations,

Early on in my journey of recovery I was interested to a concept known as ‘positive affirmations’. This was new and strange to me, so in my human nature I recoiled from it in fear. As I have learned to recognize these thoughts and emotions, I have also learned that it is my choice what to do with them. I can feed them and allow negativity to breed negativity, or I can break the cycle and give birth to new thoughts which breed new emotions with more thoughts to follow. In that respect I am the creator of self and my reality, as well as the creation which then continues to create in a beautiful, new eternal cycle.

With that, here are some I shifted my perspective with this morning which gave birth to this post:

I am impeccable with my word.

Other people’s words and actions are a projection of themselves.

I can change my thoughts.

I do my best.

I am an eternal being having a human experience.

I am made of light and love.

God exists within me.

I am everyone and everyone is me.



=> Sean McAllister

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