Peace of Mind

I go to a place for piece,
but my minds the place I keep.
Life’s a game and I’m just a piece.
There’s a quiet voice that doesn’t speak,
just whispers and even sounds like me.
It said the man behind me isn’t just breathing,
that his thoughts are evil, a living demon.
Take a look around the room,
smiling faces all turn to gloom.
They’re not your friends, just enemies in disguise.
Rivals soon to be, get them before they get me.
“Wait a minute, who’s me?”
“You mean we?”
“I don’t recognize the voice that speaks.”
“What do you mean? Together we breath, one heart to beat.”
“That’s what you think but now I see you.
Separate your voice from my hearts true soul.
It’s my life and I’m in control.”

-Just Another Poet

=> Sean McAllister

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