Self Awareness

This morning I was blessed with a hyper sense of self awareness. I sat out front with my cup of coffee and smoked my morning cigarette as I usually do. While out there I didn’t notice the wind or the trees, of look I the sky but instead I found my mind racing. Thoughts flashing through my minds eye on fast forward. This didn’t cause anxiety as I thought it would and didn’t grab at any of the thoughts. I thought of people, events, fears, the past, future and present.

While all of this was happening I also noticed a tingling feeling in my chest and a similar feeling in my solar plexus. I usually associate this with my higher self speaking to me, or feeling a situation, or feeling another person but this time I just felt. I was aware of my thoughts and my feelings but didn’t connect any of them to each, or myself, or outside circumstances. It was an interesting experience.
=> Sean McAllister

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