Nothing In Life Is Constant

If there is anything in this life that I am sure about, it is change. My life is like a river, I am always the same river but the water that rushes through me is never the same and that water is my perception. My mind is the current flowing within me, each drop a different thought, ever changing. I have always resisted it, trying to collect the river and hold on to it, keep it just the way it is. In this sense it sounds like madness but not so much when I am thinking of them as thoughts and moments in my life. “We will always be together,” “I will always live here,” and the desire of late, “When will I find my home, my tribe?” I now understand that always only exists in the moment and when is now not tomorrow. If I am with you now, I am always with you, if this is where I am, I am always here because always is only for a moment and a moment lasts forever. My home is here, where ever that may be and my tribe is those around me. I have spent time searching for a time that doesn’t exist, “when.” The answer is now because I will never be here again, I will never be the river I am right now again, I will never be THIS rushing water and I am beautiful. So are you! =>Sean McAllister

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